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What to wear for a family photo shoot in autumn-winter

One of the million dollar questions for many parents who want to do a family photo shoot is "what to wear."

Autumn - winter brings us a color palette that I love. In photography it is spectacular with those tile tones, dark greens, mustard, browns, beige, pale pink and an endless number of other colors.

Do not fall into the mistake of using very dark tones for winter, we have an infinite number of tones to choose from, and the color palette for these seasons does not have to be dark.

But before we get into styles, costumes and colors, one of the main premises for a photo session to come out as you expect are these.

1. The first is COMFORT. ou should not feel annoyed with the clothes you are wearing. It has to be a type of wardrobe that fits your style or the style that you want to capture in the report, but as long as you feel happy with the clothes you wear.

Paleta de color con tonos marrones para sesion de fotos familiar. Lo primero es la comodidad
Fuente: Pinterest

2. There is no rule that prevents mixing textures. By this I mean that we can use vaporous clothes or with softer fabrics typical of spring and mix it with thicker fabrics typical of winter.

Consejos para vestir en una sesion de fotos familiar en otoño - invierno
Kristi Alyse Photography

Que vestir para una sesion familiar en otoño-invierno
Bridge and Boulder Photography


3. Avoid very flashy tones. Using a soft color palette is pleasing to the eye, or if on the contrary we opt for darker colors, there is harmony between all, but avoid strident colors.

4. Start using a color palette other than just neutral tones. There was a time when you saw the session you saw, they were always neutral tones, between white and beige. Dare to use other colors. Pull on that collection of trendy colors, dare with the lines, the prints. Start wearing more than beige pants and white shirt, which does not mean that it is not perfect, but it is okay to innovate.

5. The complements. They are our great allies and give a lot of versatility. Bandanas, flowers, neckerchiefs, hats, teddy ...

Los complementos. Son nuestros grandes aliados y dan mucha versatilidad. Bandanas, flores, pañuelos para el cuello, sombreros, peluche...
Anouk Vandogen

Complementary colors

Just as fashion is changing, it is doing so in photography. The first thing we have to take into account are complementary shades and color schemes. Many navy blue garments have turned more of a dusty, muted blue. A stone blue, so to speak. The yellows used to be a mustard color, but we are looking at the yellows this fall are in honey and camel tones. The bright reds are turning tan and pale pink. Olive greens are still in fashion, but lately they are making their way to other shades. In general, many designers are "toning down" their colors and opting for a very soft and dusty garment palette.

I show you the color schemes to coordinate with this fall. Of course, there are many other fall color combinations, but these are the popular colors that we are seeing in stores.

Los amarillos solían ser de un color mostaza, pero estamos viendo los amarillos de este otoño son en tonos miel y camel. Los rojos brillantes están adquiriendo un tono canela y rosa palo. Los verdes de olivo siguen estando de moda
Kelli Morrell Photography

os esquemas de colores para coordinar con este otoño
Eline Froukje

Mix of textures and patterns

Find the perfect balance between the texture of the chunky knit sweater and the plaid or floral prints. Another really cool fall trend is stripes.

Buscar el equilibrio perfecto entre la textura del suéter de punto grueso y los estampados a cuadros o florales. Otra tendencia de otoño realmente buena son las rayas.
Kendra Ashton Photography

Putting stripes or plaid, knitting or a chunky cardigan on mommy and baby gives a cozy feeling.

Poner rayas o cuadros, tejido de punto o un cárdigan grueso en la mamá y el bebé da una sensación acogedora

Poner rayas o cuadros, tejido de punto o un cárdigan grueso en la mamá y el bebé da una sensación acogedora
Anouk Vandogen Photography

Add visual appeal

If you find yourself in cooler weather during the fall months, add layers. One way to keep warm during the fall shoot is to add accessories that keep them warm. For women, you can add a chunky sweater over a maxi dress or pair with a maxi skirt. Add some knitted socks and knee-high boots and you've got a super cute and warm fall outfit for photos. For men, wear flannel shirts, V-neck sweaters, henley shirts with a cardigan or a flannel over shirt. Paired with boots and a knitted cap you will feel warm while looking good. For children and babies outfits such as knitted tights, boots, sweaters, tights, vests and light jackets. For little girls it is very common to have a sleeveless dress or a sleeveless jumper and add a long sleeve shirt underneath and a cardigan on top to make it the best fall outfit. For babies, a cute sweater with bloomers and long knitted socks is a great way to show off the donuts on their thighs, without getting too cold. To all this add a baby blanket both to put on the floor and to tuck in. And you will have the perfect combination.

Agrega capas para mantenerse abrigado durante la sesión de fotos de otoño
Oksana Tatsenko
Cómo abrigarse para una sesion de fotos en otoño
Johnna Holmgren
los esquemas de colores para coordinar con este otoño
Eline Froukje

Stay warm and happy fall-winter!

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