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How to organize music for your wedding. Complete guide.

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Choosing the soundtrack for your big day is not an easy task. It requires a lot of time and consensus between both. We help you with this guide so that you can organize and know all the necessary moments that a musical track requires at your wedding.

To organize a wedding requires having an order of themes, and one of them and very important is MUSIC.

How many songs do you have to take into account? Instrumental, group and / or choir live? Classic, romantic ...? When should you have music? All these questions that many couples ask themselves, we are going to help you to be less crazy.

We all know that each moment of the celebration carries a style or rhythm of music different from the others.

Some boyfriends and girlfriends during the preparations play some music to relax the atmosphere. If it is your case that you cannot live without music, keep in mind that it is ambient music so that you can talk with the family members who are with you and with the photographer and videographers. It would be a bit crazy to be yelling at each other. If you choose to play music, of course you don't even have to take it into account in your list.

1. Music for: The Ceremony.

For the ceremony you have to have various types of music. The first is the ambient music while the guests arrive and sit down. For the entrance of the bride and groom, some couples choose because it is the same or other times they choose one for the entrance of each one.

As for the music for the readings, you must bear in mind that there must be songs as many readings as there are. Depending on the time each guest requires, it will involve more or less songs for those readings.

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For the marriages, which are usually somewhat long, between 8 or 10 minutes will require a very long music or several but that connect each other.

For the signature you can choose with ambient or sung music. It is very traditional, in some places, in religious weddings the hiring of a rociero choir. For this type of ceremonies, moments of pause are established to listen to the choir sing.

And finally for the ceremony, it is the departure of the couple, they opt for very happy music, it is the conclusion at the moment of union of love and the explosion of the bride and groom! The music has to accompany the moment, therefore it has to be sentimental. But above all, choose the music that best suits your tastes. Whether it is a religious or civil wedding, choose soft music, either with a choir or a string trio. Although music for civil weddings offers more options in terms of the musical style, while if the marriage is celebrated in the church, a more solemn, classical or flamenco style is usually chosen in which case some Andalusian weddings. In the case of religious weddings, select the repertoire and show it to the priest who will officiate your union so that he can give his approval.

2. Music for: The Cocktail.

As soon as the guests enter the cocktail, there must be background music. Either it can be through the dj you have hired or groups or soloists that liven up the moment. Make it a more rhythmic music, remember, we are at a party. As well as chill out, jazz or bossa nova styles are usually very chosen.

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And for the entrance of the bride and groom to the cocktail party, let the guests know that you have arrived for the aperitifs and start the party with them.

3. Music for: The Banquet.

For the entrance of the guests, it is usually background music, while each of the guests are located in their seats.

For the entrance of the bride and groom to the banquet, the most chosen music is rhythmic to give everything, it is a way to celebrate with your guests, dance and why not, release all those tensions accumulated during the day to give way to another level in the party , where the guests will accompany you in that animation.

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Throughout the meal, another ambient music playlist will be necessary to accompany the moment. And in between, you will have to prepare other songs for special moments, such as gifts to those special guests, mentions and thanks.

To finish the banquet, we cannot forget the moment of cutting the cake. Wear one that is special to both of you.

And as a culmination, the most important music that will be to show you off at your wedding dance.

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From here, you will go to the open bar and these hours will be enlivened by a DJ or group that you have hired. They will explain all their conditions and songs to liven up the atmosphere, many give you a choice and others will be the professionals themselves who will be in charge of organizing their own playlist.

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