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When I am offered sessions, one of the first things is to know what the client wants to get out of the session. I love that they are the ones who propose me and we both brainstorm ideas, either with the costumes or with the location. I always say less is more. It's not a question of going crazy about costume changes, and a good location helps, too. So it is essential to work on both. For this session you had to put a roll in it. And they gave it to me from the first second.

We have a fantastic American car, which was totally tuned by its owners. They are fond of vintage cars, so we were able to complement this great maternity session in the best way.

In the next photo it is not that it is an oversight of mine, because if you look closely at the rear view mirror of the car I appear in the reflection :) I could have removed it with photoshop perfectly, but it was a wink to be present.

If you like the pin up style, you already know that for this session you have to put a roll, that characteristic style of cockiness, and take us to bygone times. With a cowboy look and animal print we get the style. Just put a little swing and rogue roll on it.

Each person has their own style, and as a photographer I adapt to yours, making the most of it. Because I want that when you see the photographs again you have a pleasant memory, not only of the session itself, but of your moment when you were pregnant. And bring back to your memory this special stage as a woman.

Photographs with your partner, or especially just for you, because yes, because you want to have this memory and your partner is not very convinced. That that does not make you lose the opportunity to fulfill a dream.

Pregnancy is one of the most magical, beautiful and special moments in a woman's life. It is the beginning of a new life growing within you. The sensation of noticing it, feeling it and knowing that two hearts beat in your body.

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